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This is about me taking a 52 Week Photography challenge. I am supposed to take photographs of my interpretation of the given themes. Here goes nothing! Wish me luck?


52 Week Challenge- “Cozy/ Comfortable”

Hello again! This week I decided to mark another theme as completed. World, I’d like you to meet Kamdyn. She was a pretty cooperative subject. I have to say, a lot more cooperative than her older sisters that were present for this session. Little Kamdyn was getting comfy and cozy here and at this time it didn’t matter how much her big sisters were jumping around or how much noise they were making. She would not be denied this little nap between feedings.




52 Week Challenge-“Signage”

Hello fellow challengers! This week I am posting about signage. There are lots of  signs out there but I chose one near and dear to my heart. The sign is a “home-made” one. To me it’s more than what you see here. It’s a sign that our little girl is growing up so fast!  It’s hard to imagine that a little more than 5 short years ago we got to say hello to our little sweetheart, Aeliana! It reminds me of a song I recently heard that I used for a video/ slide show. It’s titled “Let Them Be Little” It’s also a sign of change as our little ones are both off to a new school and we are excited for them to start their next chapter in life. Ryker is still in pre-k 3 so his 1st day pictures are yet to come. It’s also a reminder that they’re only this age once and you don’t want to miss it so don’t blink! I hope you enjoy!Aeliana8_16


52 Week Challenge- “Tools of The Trade”

Tools of the Trade

Well here we are! Another year and another challenge. I hope to do much better than my last attempt at this challenge. As you follow/read my blog I welcome any constructive criticism you have to offer. I need to build and learn this craft that I love! I will read all comments but may not respond to them. I will say…”thank you” now in advance.

So the first theme I chose is “Tools of the Trade” For those that care. I am a full time firefighter (going on 21 years) and it’s a career that I love and will greatly miss when I have to retire.  One of the biggest things I will miss is the second family you inherit when you work as a career fire fighter. There are many aspects of this job that you will find in other jobs but there is NO job that you will find that has all the aspects of this career. Aside from the family you have the pleasure of working with you get to work with many tools that are very specific to our trade. Some of our most relied upon tools are used for may different jobs. So that is what you will see pictured here. Hope you enjoC_Shift75C

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52 Week Challenge- “High Above”

Number 17 on the list of themes is “High Above”. I feel like there should be a “Way Behind” theme because that’s what I am. I have had a harder time with this challenge than I thought I would. Oh Well, back to this week’s theme.

I could have used this for several different ones but I really like the sky in this one. Here in SW Florida I find myself looking, high above, towards the sky many times a day. Besides the obvious reason of looking for inclement weather. I like to look at the clouds. If I can I will just watch and see how they change before your eyes as they cross the sky. I also enjoy the early morning and sunset times when they present this type of beautiful scene. This was actually sunrise on my way home from the fire house. I just had to stop and take this. I did of course add some texture and other enhancements. I hope you enjoy.



52 Week Challenge- “Drops of Water”

This is one of those themes that could be represented in a lot of different ways. I have seen water beaded up on what looked like glass. I have seen the drops of water hanging from the limbs of a tree. I’m sure we have all seen the macro pictures of the drops of water with the image of something reflecting in the droplet of water. All of which are great images to look at when you come across them.

I chose to use some shots I have of a recent shoot I took for “The Ultimate Ski Lake” here in Estero FL. I like the sense of motion from the droplets of water.  This was a two part shoot. One part real-estate so they could have the shots of the empty lots for their listing and another part for the website to advertise the ski lake.So, if you’re reading this and you know a water ski lover that’s looking to have house on a few acres on a private ski lake then their property awaits.

I have known the lady in these pictures for a couple years now but did not know that she was once a nationally ranked competitive water skier. I know nothing of the sport other than I couldn’t get out of the water on a ski no matter how hard I tried. That was many years ago but I still remember. Although I know nothing of the sport I was able to see that this gal was in the zone as she attacked the slalom course and I didn’t see anything that resembled a mistake in my eyes. So I hope you enjoy the pictures of her and her driver that took a few turns at the course as well